Duck farm for Balut and Penoy Business


Typical large scale duck farm has the number of 2000 duck heads. These ducks are raised for the purpose of laying. The eggs are then incubated to produce balut and penoy, which are one of Filipino’s must loved street food. Balut and penoy business depends heavily on the continuous supply of eggs. Being able to…

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Native Pig Production Business


The importance of pig for pork meat is shown on our need for protein. Pork is produced from growing pigs on piggery, in the backyard, or not common now- from Wild boars.  Pure breed shows fast growth and heavier weight for the live weight. However, due to the increasing feed cost, we look for pig…

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Cheapest Globe Data Promo


The postpaid line offer of Globe attracted many subscribers, notably for high data allowance per month, in exchange for no phone handset. For example, we see the following SIM only Postpaid plan of Globe.   Plan Monthly Data Additional App Data FB Call and SMS Content Access ThePlan 599 Sim Only 1.5GB 10GB GoWatch Free…

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Falcata Tree Business Plan


Our needs for wood is never going away from the advent of technology. We need paper for offices, for home use, for publishing and printing, for education, for hygienic purposes, for art, for handicraft and a lot more. Paper came from wood pulp, and the need for wood does not end there. We need wood…

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Goat Forage during Rainy Season Solved


Goats are backyard farm animals that plays a big role in animal husbandry in the Philippines. Not only because goats are very easy to raise, their sociable and only eat grass. Contrary to piggery or chicken farms that depend on commercial feeds, goat farming is said to be less affected in cost increase of feed…

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Limited land turned into profitable and sustainable farm


The problem with starting agri-business in the rural areas is our lack of assets. This assets we are referring to is the land. Land plays an big role in agricultural venture, because our plants need soil to grow. Buying land might be difficult to achieve, as price of land continue to become high, which we…

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1 Million Pesos per Hectare Income from Farm Land


The hopes of obtaining a good life and prosperity is very common among the not yet rich individuals. We strive to work day jobs (and night or graveyard shifts too) to be near our goal of earning to save. We spend our time contemplating how to be financially independent. Not know to many, is that…

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