Falcata Tree Business Plan


Our needs for wood is never going away from the advent of technology. We need paper for offices, for home use, for publishing and printing, for education, for hygienic purposes, for art, for handicraft and a lot more. Paper came from wood pulp, and the need for wood does not end there. We need wood…

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Goat Forage during Rainy Season Solved


Goats are backyard farm animals that plays a big role in animal husbandry in the Philippines. Not only because goats are very easy to raise, their sociable and only eat grass. Contrary to piggery or chicken farms that depend on commercial feeds, goat farming is said to be less affected in cost increase of feed…

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Limited land turned into profitable and sustainable farm


The problem with starting agri-business in the rural areas is our lack of assets. This assets we are referring to is the land. Land plays an big role in agricultural venture, because our plants need soil to grow. Buying land might be difficult to achieve, as price of land continue to become high, which we…

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1 Million Pesos per Hectare Income from Farm Land


The hopes of obtaining a good life and prosperity is very common among the not yet rich individuals. We strive to work day jobs (and night or graveyard shifts too) to be near our goal of earning to save. We spend our time contemplating how to be financially independent. Not know to many, is that…

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Don’t Buy Used Hard disk

Buying a used hard disk might be tempting. Given a low price offer for a hard drive one would think that it is a good deal. Don’t buy used hard disk if you can afford a new hard disk. Hard disk are used as the primary storage of a computer system. They are built from hard…

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Benefits of Jogging Everyday

Jogging is a form of anaerobic exercise where muscles of of the legs and feet are developed by travelling a certain distance by foot. It differs from running in terms of intensity as running involves faster travel by feet and requires rapid movement and effort to quickly cover a distance. Since the human body can…

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Civil Service Exam Professional Sub-Professional 2017

Civil Service Exam 2017 The Civil Service Commission of the Philippines or CSC is the Constitutional Commission of the Philippines that is responsible for civil service. Civil service is the service rendered in public office with a position and designation under the government. It oversees the integrity of civil service in line with the duty…

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Paypal Bank Codes Philippines 2017

Paypal Bank Codes Philippines

Paypal Bank Codes Philippines 2017 PayPal is a US international online payments system that provides online money transfers. Compared to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders, PayPal provides fast and secure alternative in a form of electronic transactions.   Many Filipino online virtual assistants, program freelancers and developers, or individuals paid internationally need…

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Oppo F3 Plus Price Philippines

Oppo F3 Plus Price Philippines Oppo F3 Plus Oppo F3 Plus showcases a dual 16Mp front camera and 8 Mp wide angle front camera with Sony IMX398 Sensor. Using the phone for 1 month, the games and apps run very smooth with the Snapdragon 653 processor clocked at 1.95 GHz. The graphics is great and using…

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