Best Value Laptop Core i5 in Q4 2017


Laptops are a good investment nowadays. Our daily task might be aided by computers like preparing our documents, editing photos, rendering a CAD file, up to programming. Laptops has advantage over desktop since they are portable thanks to slim design and battery power. For such applications, we see laptop as our indispensable tool. Most of…

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Most Affordable Core i7 Laptops as of Q4 2017


Laptops are important and indispensable tool for work, school, and home. The portability of laptop versus the desktop PC makes it a gadget of choice to be bought by a computer user. Not all laptops are created equal. Other laptops are slow. Other as not. The speed, performance, and flexibility of the laptop on many…

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Benefits of Eating Banana Everyday


Eating banana everyday is a good thing. Not only because it provides a cheap alternative for expensive imported fruits, but banana packs a lot of benefits to the body. Philippines has a total estimated export of $618.8 million worth of bananas , which translates to 5.3% of total exported bananas in the world in the year…

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Bangus or Milkfish Business Success Tips


Milkfish is a tropical fish with the scientific name Chanos chanos that is delicious and creamy. The Philippines prides its milkfish or locally known as bangus. Bangus is the national fish of the Philippines and is considered one of the most sought fish in the market. Good thing that the fish is also abundant and supply…

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Lenovo ThinkPad E470 Review, Price and Specification


Lenovo ThinkPad E470 is a business type laptop from the popular laptop maker- Lenovo. Lenovo was one of laptop manufacturers that provides wide range of laptop specs and price range. We will cover the new release from Lenovo – a 7th Gen Intel Core i3 powered Lenovo ThinkPad E470. As what we already might know,…

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Performance of a PCIe Gen3 SSD


SSDs or solid state drives are a good computer upgrade option or as a premium in a brand new computer specification. Hard disk drives are known to exhibit slower performance than solid sate drives. Solid state drives do not run metal disks read and write operation, but rather as a flash storage of non-volatile data…

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Transcend DrivePro 230 Review


Riding with a friend or a relative might bring curiosity on a device hooked on the car’s dashboard. A device that is mounted and points to the driver’s vision on the road. They are tiny devices that may also be connected to the windshield. These are dash cams. Transcend, being an electronic giant in chip…

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Asus Zenfone 4 Max Price


The Asus Zenfone 4 Max cost Php 9,995.00 as of this writing. The phone is a recent release last August 2017 being Asus’ flagship brand with many awesome features. The cost is in midrange, and we review the value of the phone to its cost. Specification: Display: 5.5″ OS: Android 7.0 (Nougat) Primary: Dual 13…

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Send Money via Paymaya on FB Messenger


Sending money and transacting with Paymaya is now easy with Facebook Messenger app. Paymaya is an app that can be used as a virtual prepaid card for online shopping and payments using card instead of cash. This is very useful in case the user do not have a debit card or a credit card at…

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Access GCash on FB Messenger


Globe GCash rolled out another innovative option for its clients to transact. GCash is a popular money remitance service that allows free sending of money to love ones for free. The service offered now includes bills payment facility for utility bills. Other service include government payment transaction. These transactions are funded by cash-in with GCash partner…

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