Catfish Hito Farming Guide

catfish hito farming guide fishpond

Catfish Hito Farming Guide What is Catfish or Hito Farming? Catfish farming is a form of aquaculture about raising, breeding and growing catfish. Philippines has the warm tropical climate ideal for catfish farming. Catfish, or hito is served as a popular meal in the Filipino cuisine as Hito Tamarind stew, grilled  catfish, etc. Catfish can…

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Room for Rent in Manila

room for rent in manila

Room for Rent in Manila Room for Rent as Business? Apartment and room leasing is one of the profitable business you can start today. Housing is part of human need. Without it, a person cannot support a comfortable living. Anyone needs a dwelling place to live. For those that lack the ability to purchase their…

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45 Days Chicken Business

45 day old chicken

45 Days Broiler Chicken Cost Analysis Profitability of 45 Days Chicken Farming Small, medium and large scale poultry raisers enjoy the profit of their business. This business is based on raising chickens for meat consumption in our local market. Chickens comply to halal standard, which means that everyone eats chicken. Cost of chicken has gone considerably…

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